Chairman of the Board of Directors


  • Company’s Founder: Dr. Adel Sabry.
  • Born in Cairo on 30/3/1975.
  • Holds a Bachelor degree in Law from the University of Cairo in 1998.
  • Completed his higher studies at the American University in Cairo and then obtained a PHD in economics from the City University, United States of America in 2009.
  • Member of investors Association of 6th October city, member of the Egyptian businessmen’s Association and member of the Board of Trustees of the USA University .
  • Has several previous studies in economic thoughts and human development.
  • The Chairman and Managing Director of Agyad Multi Projects Companies Group.
  • The Chairman and Managing Director of Tanmiah Investment Company.
  • The Chairman and Managing Director of Al-Rabah Companies Group.
  • International arbitration counselor

Dr. Adel Sabry Ahmad , the CEO of Agyad Companies Group, Al-Rabah Companies Group and some business development group of companies, has started his works in investment for over fifteen years.
As he established a lot of companies in various fields such as real estate investment companies like “Agyad and Tanmiah, and other agricultural investment companies such as “A-Rabah Companies Group ” and other companies in the field of computer software and other companies for importing and exporting, which made him a great Encyclopedia in the field of investment and made his intellectual proceed further in the growth of the economy of Egypt and the Arab neighboring countries.

He participated in many universal conferences to add new ideas and great progress elements.

He also traveled all around the world to deliver some of the lectures on the philosophy of the economy, as he had his PHD in economics from the City University in USA, under the title “the philosophy of Economics”.

He was elected as a Chairman of the Investment Committee of investors Association and a member for Arab businessmen’s Association, and he was appointed as Advisor to the Human Resources Development in the Emirates businessmen’s Association in Dubai.

His way of work depends on revitalizing both personal and collective skills and expands the work field to achieve the highest local, international and universal income, where he holds regular meetings to discuss the universal investment issues and resolve them with the scientific studies and publications.