Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:
As we believe at Agyad group that excellence in real estate can only be achieved by the seriousness, commitment, modern designs, innovative planning and the careful selection of the best projects and the most appropriate sites, so we have taken it upon ourselves to achieve excellence with all its elements.

To our customers: to get the satisfaction of the owners of the units where their businesses are thrived and their families are grown.

  • To our people: to appreciate the importance of working hard and keeping up with modern and developed technologies in the area of our business.
  • To our own CV: to become one of the most important companies in the region, not only in terms of the amount of work, but in what we offer of the value and quality.

Our Mission:
The Philosophy of the Company is to meet all the needs and desires of our customers, as we realize the dream of decent housing which is filled with unique luxury and the dream of safe real estate investment and we are keen to harness all our resources and our extensive experience in the field of construction and reconstruction through:

  • The implementation of every aspect of our work in all excellence.
  • Ensure that projects and services we provide meet the needs of our customers.
  • Constantly working to develop our business to be in line with modern techniques.

Our Values:

  • Benefits: we are committed to quality in parallel with controlling the cost, time and work to achieve the best possible return for all partners.
  • Improvements: we are continuing in the training and education to increase our efficiency and our skills and are ready at the same time to renew and change.
  • Society: we have a responsibility towards the Egyptian society.
  • The work ethic: We are working in an atmosphere infused with love, warmth and fun.


  • Development: We are planning to work well, lay the rules and put priorities.
  • Customers: We offer the necessary technical support for the client and respond quickly to his requirements as we consider his pleasure as a part of our success.