Agyad Company provides a range of services to its customers:

Interior finishing services.
The company helps its customers who are interested in processing their own unit and finishing it according to a set of technical specifications to suit different diverse tastes of customers.

Management and investment services
Agyad Company helps the customer who desires to invest his own unit through lease it according to rents, and continue collecting the rent amount and renew the lease deeds.

Legal services
The Legal Department of Agyad Company provides a group of the legal services for the clients, and includes:

The Legal Department of Agyad Company is registering the sold real estate in the company notary for the customers who like to do so.

Contract authentication:
It also offers the service of contract authentication at the competent courts for interested customers, this service is marked by that it does not require client proxies and he can keep a copy of his contract until the completion of the ratification procedures, so that certification is done according to the company attorney as it is a party of the contract and the ratification on the company copy of the contract, then the copies are being exchanged between the client and the company after completing the ratification procedures.

Administrative procedures:
The Legal Department, on behalf of clients, provides various administrative services before administrative authorities, to enter counters of electricity, water, gas and telephone of the sold units.

Legal advice:
Legal department provides the legal advice to corporate clients when conducting any transactions related to the sold units, as well as review contracts for these units whether leases,  waiver, bequest or otherwise.

Commercial licenses:
The Legal Department facilitates and follows up the procedures of extracting licenses for the commercial shops located in markets and company-owned commercial centers.